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From teaching labs, research, maker spaces and innovation centers.
TestEquity is your one resource for test equipment, lab supplies, environmental chamberstoolkits and Techni-Pro.

Faculty & Administrators
We Understand Your Education Needs
TestEquity provides the highest quality tools and solutions from test equipment, lab supplies, enviromental chambers, toolkits and Techni-Pro. Let us be your partner to help move you into the future.

  • Free lab assessments
  • Lunch-and-Learns to demonstrate the latest solutions in action
  • Demo products for evaluation
  • Partnerships with multiple education organizations
  • EDU discounts, promotions & trade-in programs
  • Online purchasing account with EDU exclusive promo codes
  • Collaboration within the industry
  • Flexible financing plans

Learn On Equipment you will use in the Industry
TestEquity is committed to the future "Building one engineer at a time"
Why not learn on the industry’s best equipment you’ll use in real-world engineering and design jobs? 
TestEquity offer students:

  • Dedicated educational  online store
  • Involvement in student organization (IEEE - Senior Design Days)
  • Real-time technical advice and support

Maximize Your Budget
Do More With Less
With TestEquity, you have the flexibility to buy, rent, lease or trade-in old or underutilized equipment so you can
make your budget stretch further.

  • Technology refresh
  • Trade-in underutilized equipment
  • Educational exclusive purchaing programs
  • OEM/Manufacturer promos
  • Purchasing contracts
  • Punch out catalog
  • Online purchasing account with EDU exclusive promo codes

TestEquity leading the way to provide the highest quality tools and solutions for EDU Institutions of all types and budgets of all sizes.  Let's work together to make your students industry ready.

We Deliver Success

Let us move your lab into the futurefrom the ground up with the latest technology.

We Specialize In

  • Teaching Labs
  • Research Labs
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Senior Design Studios
  • Innovation Centers
  • Physics - Quantum
  • Mechanical
  • Maker Spaces
  • Power Labs
  • RF Labs
  • Industry Collaboration

We work with educational institutions of all types and budgets of all sizes.

Since we cover the entire range of test equipment and electronic production supplies, there’s no need to deal with multiple companies. Let’s set up a product demo or event at your facility so you can test-drive the latest technology.

Contact Tina Brumley to set up your EDU account, recieve EDU promo codes, request a formal quote or additional information.

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