TestEquity Services

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TestEquity is a trusted partner supporting the entire lifecycle of electronics, from design and prototype to production, quality control, maintenance and repair. Our comprehensive selection of high-quality products alongside our rental, calibration and repair services support engineers, technicians and production managers at every step of the process, so they can focus on what they do best — designing, building and maintaining innovative electronics.

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Services Spanning the Entire Electronics Lifecycle

Electronics Research, Design & Prototype

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It begins with a concept. You're working through challenges like circuit theory, component selection and system architecture. Next, you'll begin to explore new materials and methodologies to enhance performance, reliability and efficiency. Finally, you'll transform those theoretical ideas into physical prototypes backed by iterative testing and development. At TestEquity, our commitment extends across the entire electronics lifecycle, beginning with the Electronics Research, Design & Prototype stage. Our thoughtfully structured services were created in support of your path to success.

  • Education — Discounted test equipment for qualified educational institutions — because we understand that successful electronics design originates in the classroom.
  • Equipment Cost Savings — Make test equipment procurement affordable and simple with our warranty-backed Certified Pre-Owned & Rental Equipment programs.
  • Calibration Lab — Operating two fully accredited, A2LA Certified facilities, our calibration lab results are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Electronics Assembly

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It's the most critical step of the production process. Once you reach the Electronics Assembly stage, you're ready for component placement and soldering to ensure electrical connection reliability and mechanical stability. But wait! Before you go any further, now's the time to circumvent any potential challenges. Fortunately, TestEquity offers services to help you successfully navigate the assembly process, ensuring the threat of static damage is under control, and the possibility of unplanned stockouts is eliminated.

  • ESD Assessment — Don't let static destroy your progress. We'll complete a full inspection of your facility, assess your needs and offer recommendations.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) — Our robust VMI program is uniquely tailored to help improve material control and eliminate stockouts and down lines.

Electronics Maintenance & Repair

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Your masterpiece is complete — so, what now? It's time to take the necessary steps to ensure the optimal performance, reliability and longevity of your device. How can TestEquity help? During Electronics Maintenance & Repair, our Calibration Lab will ensure your precision instruments maintain their accuracy and reliability. Our exclusive, custom Jensen® Tool Kits and Tool Control solutions ensure you're equipped with the proper tools, well-organized and easily accessible.

  • Tool Kits — Our custom Jenson Tool Kits are kind of a big deal — we hear they last for decades, with a host of options suited to any application or industry.
  • Tool Control — From portable tool kits to large cabinets, to entire hangar outfits, we'll design a complete, custom solution to help perfectly organize your tools.

...And Beyond

At TestEquity, we understand that your unique requirements may extend beyond the electronics lifecycle alone. Ready to upgrade or part ways with used equipment? We offer hassle-free trade-in options in exchange for cash or credit. For our government employees, we employ a highly skilled, knowledgeable team fully versed in federal acquisition regulations, and we hold a contract for GSA Schedule 51V Contract 47QSHA19D002M.

  • Buy Back Program — If you have underutilized equipment, trade it in towards new equipment, get cash back, or get credit towards future purchases.
  • GSA Contracts — With a range of products to meet MIL and FED standards, our knowledgeable team is prepared to assist with a variety of specialized services.