Dranetz METSYS-3P6KIT Current Data Logger, 3 Phase, 4000 A AC RMS, Min/Max/Average, Peak, LCD, USB, Bluetooth

Our Part #20002835



Dranetz METSYS-3P6KIT Current Data Logger, 3 Phase, 4000 A AC RMS, Min/Max/Average, Peak, LCD, USB, Bluetooth

Our Part #20002835


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Dranetz METSYS-3P6KIT - METSyS 3-Phase Data Logger Kit

Features and Specifications

  • Measuring Range: 4000 A AC RMS
  • Overload Capability: 10,000 A
  • Resolution: +/- 1 A
  • METSyS is a portable true RMS current only data logger (no voltage connection)
  • 3 phase current, true RMS. Optional 4 phase Rogowski coil bundle
  • Samples 8 cycle window of current on 3 or 4 channels. A, B, C + optional nuetral
  • User selectable logging intervals – 10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, 60m
  • Records Min, Max, Average and Peak currents for each interval
  • Records to 2GB internal memory. Non-volatile data storage
  • A 2-line LCD display for real time readings, easy setup and data transfer
  • 3 button simplified User Interface
  • USB port for a flash drive to transfer data from the logger to the PC
  • Micro USB charge port for battery charging (Charger included)
  • Bluetooth (BLE) for use with the free IOS / Android apps
  • 100 Hour internal battery
  • Generates CSV log files for easy transfer to a PC
  • Use Excel or the IOS / Android app for data review
  • IOS / Android App
  • Live reading display
  • Log setup
  • Start, Stop and Resume logging remotely
  • Email logged data
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth (BLE)
  • USB: Flash drive for data transfer to PC (not included)

Current Only Data Logger

METSyS 3-phase true RMS current data logger is low cost, simple to use and fitting for any load study application. It does not require a voltage connection, so it is perfect for applications such as connected load studies, compliance with NEC 220.87, breaker / circuit capacity evaluations and more. The small flexible Rogowski coil current sensors allow for quick, safe, and easy connection to circuits to be measured.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

METSyS is straightforward to set up using its 2-line display or IOS / Android app. Its internal rechargeable battery allows for up to 100 hours (4 days) of logging on a single charge making it ideal for short term studies. For applications where longer-term measurements are required METSyS can be powered using the supplied USB power adapter.

Data Analysis and Communications

METSyS comes with a free iOS or Android app that communicates with the METSyS via Bluetooth which enables easy logger setup, viewing of live data, remote control of logger functions, and the option for emailing the logged data file.

Logged data can be accessed through the app or by using a USB Flash Drive. The data is stored in a comma-separated values (CSV) file format and can be simply loaded into a spreadsheet for graphing and review.

What's in the Box

  • METSyS current logger
  • Qty 3: 6-inch, 4,000A CT's (3-Phase Rogowski Coil Bundle)
  • Micro USB power supply with multiple country plugs
  • Carry case

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