Your Complete Tool Control Solution!

JENSEN® Tool Control Solutions are designed to eliminate foreign object debris (FOD), reduce theft, and maintain professional and neat work areas. When you purchase JENSEN® Tool Control, you receive personalized service from one of the world's largest tool companies.

Tool Cases, Cabinets, Workstations, Shop Floor and Complete Production Line Solutions!

JENSEN Tools + Supply is your source for JENSEN® Tool Control Solutions. We create everything from portable hard or soft cased tool kits, to large cabinets, to entire hangar outfits. Tool cutouts are CNC-machined so your tools fit perfectly. We offer various foam styles for different applications including clean room necessities.

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You get:
  • Organized tool storage solutions
  • Custom foam layouts for your tools
  • Color coded cabinets, cases, and foam
  • Aviation quality closed cell Skydrol® resistant foam
  • Laser etching of tools, as well as part in pocket is available upon request
  • Lifetime warranty on most hand tools
  • Fast tool replacement
  • Diverse source of high-quality tools
  • Lifetime warranty on Vidmar® cabinets

With over 60 years of experience, you can count on us for all of your tool kit and tool control needs!