TestEquity LLC's acquisition of Jensen Inc. in 2017 brought many positive changes, including (effective 01/01/2019) a new federal tax identification number. As one unified company, we're now North America's single source for test solutions, electronic production supplies, tool kits, and environmental test chambers.

Jensen continues to operate as a company under TestEquity. Please ensure that your records and systems reflect our updated federal tax identification number. All other information remains unchanged.

New Information

Payee: TestEquity LLC or Jensen

Federal Tax ID: 65-1261392

DUNS: 62-342-5563

Remittance Address: No change. Payment detail can be found on your invoice.

New W9 Form

Previous Information

Payee: Jensen

Federal Tax ID: 23-1646393

DUNS: 04-225-6222

Remittance Address: As reflected on your invoice

Please contact your local Jensen account manager or contact us at 1-800-229-4771 or via email at [email protected] with any questions. We thank you for your business!