Why TestEquity VMI


Our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) solutions put you in control. Get better inventory turnover by reduce the number of orders—especially those costly last-minute orders—without running out of stock. Avoid unplanned downtime with real-time data intelligence plus supported by our in-house technical experts.

What you Get | Why it Matters

Control, In Stock, Standardization, Data Intelligence, Productivity


Largest Inventory

Largest and highest quality selection of the test solutions, electronic
production supplies and tool kits from over 1k leading manufactures.


Real Time Data

Inventory and cost data at you fingertips so you can optimize
at a moment's notice or quickly change based on business needs.



Storage Solutions

More storage options to meet your space requirements and
facility needs all with a wide range of product options.


Technical Experts

Real experts with real product knowledge. So, you can
perform without interruptions.


Local Teams

Our local team is ready to help you monitor, manage and replenish
inventory so you can focus on running your business.



Our private label brand, Techni-PRO provides the widest range
of high-quality electronics production products and supplies.