Work Smarter with Fluke Thermal and Acoustic Imagers

Maintenance inspections keep you on the move. You have little time to waste on repeat inspections or troubleshooting your scanning equipment. Your imager needs to make accurate measurements the first time, help you identify issues immediately, and make quick work of your record-keeping and maintenance logs. It must be a Fluke.


Fluke Ti480 Pro Infrared Camera

Never miss a temperature anomaly again. The Ti480 Pro offers high sensitivity and interchangeable no-calibration smart lenses to make problem areas show up in high resolution.

  • LaserSharp® Auto Focus includes laser distance meter to display the distance to target and provide an instant in-focus image.
  • SuperResolution captures multiple images and combines them to create a 1280 x 960 image.
  • Take faster field notes with IR-PhotoNotes™ and voice annotations and use Fluke Connect® to wirelessly sync images to asset records or work orders.

Fluke FLK-II910 Precision Acoustic Imager

Partial discharges can lead to blackouts, fires, and deadly arc flashes—almost without warning. The ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager uses a microphone array to detect sounds up to the ultrasound ranges and show you the warning signs you cannot see.

  • Detect partial and corona discharges—before serious injury and costly repairs can occur.
  • Prevent outages, injuries, and death while avoiding downtime costs in the millions of dollars per hour.
  • Locate leaks in gas pipes and vacuum lines.
  • Ensure proper air pressure to your pneumatic equipment.


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