Fluke 190 Series Scopemeter

Portable Solutions | Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter

High performance portable oscilloscopes

The Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter offers the high precision of bench oscilloscopes with the rugged performance you expect from Fluke.

Fast sampling rates and deep memory provide high-accuracy capture and display of waveform details, noise, and other signal disturbances. Perform timing or amplitude related measurements on three phases or three-axis control systems, or simply compare multiple test points in a circuit under test. The built-in diagnostic tools make short work complex waveforms, induced noise, intermittent events and signal fluctuations or drift.

Model Bandwidth Channels
FLUKE-190-062-III 60 MHz 2
FLUKE-190-062-III-S 60 MHz 2
FLUKE-190-102-III 100 MHz 2
FLUKE-190-102-III-S 100 MHz 2
FLUKE-190-104-III 100 MHz 4
FLUKE-190-104-III-S 100 MHz 4
FLUKE-190-202-III 200 MHz 2
FLUKE-190-202-III-S 200 MHz 2
FLUKE-190-204-III 200 MHz 4
FLUKE-190-204-III-S 200 MHz 4
FLUKE-190-502-III 500 MHz 2
FLUKE-190-502-III-S 500 MHz 2
FLUKE-190-504-III 500 MHz 4
FLUKE-190-504-III-S 500 MHz 4
FLUKE-MDA-550-III Digital Multimeter 4
190-102-III CAL 100 MHz 2
190-204-III CAL 200 MHz 4

Capture, View And Analyze Complex Waveforms Automatically

Connect-and-View™ triggering automatically displays waveforms without having to adjust amplitude, timebase and trigger settings.
  • Up to four independent floating isolated inputs, up to 1000V
  • Up to 5 GS/s real time sampling (depending on model and channels used)
  • Deep memory: 10,000 points per trace waveform capture (scope mode)
  • Connect-and-View triggering for intelligent, automatic triggering on fast, slow and even complex signals
  • Frequency spectrum using FFT-analysis
  • Automatic capture and REPLAY of 100 screens
  • ScopeRecord mode gives 30,000 points per input channel for low frequency signal analysis
  • TrendPlot Paperless Recorder mode with deep memory for long- term automatic measurements
  • 5,000 count DMM included in the 2-channel models

Engineered for Harsh Environments

  • CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V rated for harsh industrial environments
  • Up to seven hours of battery life using BP291; with convenient access for battery swaps in the field
  • IP51 rating, dust and drip-proof

Check Measurements in the Field Or On Your PC

Large, bright color display for easy in-the-field viewing and both USB and Wi-Fi data download options for analyzing data with FlukeView® software
  • Large, bright color display is easy to view in nearly any environment
  • Easy to store and view historical data and transfer to a PC via USB or Wifi